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Its HERE!!! The very first in the WORLD picnic restaurant, where we only take bookings for tree's, there is no rush to leave, no uncomfortable chairs and eye masks are provided for after lunch naps. 

Its been my dream for a long time to create a restaurant like no other, a restaurant that makes you feel like you have had a week end away.  I wanted to create a truly unique dinning experience and I have created my dream! a restaurant that I would love to go to, no rush, no tables, no chairs, no hussle and bussle and no sounds except that of the birds and the bee's.


LOVE MY FOOD IS 2 YEARS OLD!!! woohoooo, and what a journey its been for me and my little dream and my happy kitchen.  

I am thrilled to say that from very humble beginnings (a frozen meal business) we have blossomed into so much more and the more I create the more idea's I have.  

THANKS everyone and your grumbling bellies and tempted taste buds for your support. Next year I have so much more to come and it all involves local people and happy cooking.  


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YIPEEE I have some very exciting news.  
Our cooking classes are now available!!

As some of you may know, I have moved my kitchen to Peachester to the magnificent Mango Hill Farm, and I must one of the luckiest cooks in the world, because I not only get to spend my days at the venue where we got married last year, but I also get to pick my ingredients from the divine pottage garden  and everything is organic as well!!

Elenne (the creator of the beautiful farm and B&B, if you haven't seen if before, go and check it out www.

Picnic Hampers

Hello All, 

Spring has sprung and wedding season is in full swing! the weather is divine  and I can't think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday than with a gourmet picnic, some good company and a nice bottle of bubbly. 

I have had a lot of customers ask me if they can order just one basket (or if my picnic catering is just for weddings and parties?) the answer is YES you can.  
I need at least one week notice (because that's how long my lebna cheese takes to make) and also because I get my produce as fresh as possible direct from my favorite fellow foodies at our growers market.


I would like to dedicate this tribute and everything that I have learnt in the kitchen to my wonderful, amazing, inspiring Mumma, who left us all very suddenly on May 21st 2012 after a magical weekend with her kids.  
She even cooked me my favourite breakfast on her last morning.  

I have so many, many memories of cooking with Mumma, and writting about cooking with her.  Our books brought us even closer and she was everything that every child dreamt that a Mum should be.   She was a Mum to so many children, not just us and we never minded sharing her.

Mumma Mayne

It is with a truely broken heart I announce the tragic news that my wonderful, inspiring and deeply beloved Mumma Mayne passed away suddenly on monday night after spending the weekend with us kids, she dies happy and in no pain.
She wasnt just my mum, but my best friend, my mentor, the one who tought me how to cook and we wrote all of our books together.
I sadly cant write much more as my tears are dripping in the keyboard, but hope that everyone understands that I will need a bit of time to process and grieve.


We couldn't get the smiles off our faces when we saw our picnic wedding featured in the very first edition of the the devine online magazine'The Brides Tree'.
I had the pleasure of meeting Jenny and it was a totally delight to see someone just  bursting with passion and enthusiasm for what they do.  Now after seeing their gorgeous magazine I can see why jenny and her team are so proud.
For us small business owners, the Sunshine Coast is  such a supportive place to create and grow, you get to meet so many enthusiastic people who really really love what they do and in this story is a perfect example of 3 ladies (and thier helpers & husbands) who are  so happy to share and support each others little businesses.

Vintage Hire

This one is for all you brides or photographers or just lovers of anything vintage.
We are very chuffed  to announce that due to popular demand we will now be hiring out, our much loved and long collected range of vintage odds and ends.  It also give me a chance to keep collecting (much to Pete's dismay as his garage space dwindles).  Add some vintage charm to your wedding or engagement shoot, and save yourself the hassle of spending hours hunting for those vintage goodies.

Deby Mclennan

Well Autumn is here and its time for a change of season, its also time for a change for the 'Love My Food' family.
Our cook Miss Deby Mclennan decided to leave the merry kitchen in December 2011 to start a new adventure of her own.  Making a family.  We wish her all the best and thank her for all of her help in the start up year of my little business. 
But never fear, faithful foodies, its business as usual on the food front and we are so very excited to see the growth of our own baby (love my food) as it turns 2 soon!

Bongaree Village Deli

Well what a gorgeous sunny day (nice to have after all the flooding and rain) and its a perfect day to go for a nice drive, and if you happen to be lucky enough to be doing this then why not pop into the Village Deli at Bongaree at the southern end of beautiful Bribie Island and visit our newest retail outlet.  Darren and the team have a FANTASTIC little deli packed full of gorgeous gourmet food, coffee, cakes and lunch items and they now have OUR YUMMY MEALS!
Welcome Village Deli, its been a pleasure meeting you and I hope that many happy bellies get to enjoy the Love My Food frozen meals at Bribie Island now.

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