Farmers Market Stall. Due to the overwhelming demand for our picnic restaurant and wedding catering. Our market stall is indefinitely on hold. Sorry to all of our loyal customers.
Every weekend for the last 3 years we have woken up with bleary eyes, packed our car and headed off to our local farmers market to sell our wares. Some people wonder why we all do it week after week, but after 3 years of the banter, the wonderful people, the fun, the FOOD, the amazing amazing food and the pride that every stall holder has in what they make, I can say its been the best decision we ever made.
I have met literally thousands of happy shoppers and watched their faces as they tried my food. Nothing beats a proud cooks heart more than hearing how much people love the food you have made. I started doing the markets to make money and to get customer feed back, but now after all these years, I can honestly say I am hooked! It has to be one of the happiest lifestyle's around, for the customers and the stall holders. If you love food then you cant beat buying it directly from the hands that made it (usually the night before no less).

We hope to be back again soon but in the mean time you can order by emailing me at lovemyfoodonline@gmail.com or via our online shop. Thanks Alisa To all of my customers over these last years, THANK YOU, for your smiley faces and wonderful conversations. I miss you all but luckily I still get to see you all as my wedding catering is all sourced from local farmers markets.
I am also proud to say that my love of face food (knowing the faces behind your food) has led me on a wonderful journey over these last few years and I have met some truly amazing food producers via the markets. I am lucky to be able to call most of them my friends and to be able to use their food in my catering and picnic restaurant. We have an incredible range of unique artisan food producers here on the coast and you can find them all at the markets every weekend.
To find the markets follow these links and then also go to their facebook pages which have weekly updates 
on stalls and seasonal produce. 

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