If you want to open your dream restaurant, then play online casino!

Alice had always dreamed of opening her own restaurant. Ever since she was a little girl she had imagined what it would be like, what kind of food it would be like, what kind of atmosphere it would have... She even came up with a name when she was 15 - Alice wanted her restaurant to be called “Love My Food”. As the years went by, her dream lingered. She never managed to earn money to open the restaurant... Alisa tried to save money, worked three jobs, but she never managed to save the necessary amount - she was $20,000 short... One day over a glass of wine with her friend Marie, Alice shared her sorrow. But her friend suggested an idea - why not play in an online casino? The risks are not so great, and luck can even smile. Alice had doubts, but the thought of the dream restaurant with the name “Love My Food" overcame all doubts! After a quick search on the Internet, Alice clicked on the link to the online casino Sol. Alice was shocked by this online casino! By the way, the online casino Sol surprises not only new players, like Alice, but also experienced players! And here are the reasons:

  1. Almost instant withdrawal/deposit of funds. Usually, online casinos don't provide such an opportunity, but Sol Casino does! 3-5 days is a standard term worldwide, while Sol Casino needs minutes! Sol Casino is sure players will find them quite unique in this aspect. Sometimes it takes just a minute!
  2. Super-fast game process. Each casino game, whether it's poker, roulette or another one, has some specific average time for processing the bet. Usually that time is about a second (of course not all games). Sol online casino beats its competitors by this parameter too and processes bets within 0.1 sec !(that's even too quick!)
  3. Unique chance to get a % bonus on players' first deposit. Of course, players can find it in other online casinos as well, but Sol Casino is sure that the percentage factor is what makes their casino really stand out from the crowd! A lot of players claim that they receive more than 100% , and it's true! Players try it themselves and see what the casino Sol can offer to them.
  4. High limits for bets make the online casino Sol attractive not only to new players, but also experienced gamblers. For example, the maximum win in roulette is a huge $500 000 ! Even if they are just beginners, they will be able to play with no less than $5 for their bets.
  5. And of course players can always use bitcoin: store them in their casino Sol account and withdraw the funds whenever they need it. For example, Marie made her first deposit by bitcoins - in just 2 minutes! In addition, Sol Casino supports most popular cryptocoins as well (ethereum, litecoin, etc.).
  6. People can play such games as roulette, poker and slots for fun (for free), without registration in the online casino Sol in demo mode! Of course, only with virtual money , but Sol Casino is sure that they will enjoy them a lot! Sol Casino has just started to hit the market - every day hundreds of new people come to the casino Sol! All these facts make them one of the best online casinos in the world. And players are more than welcome to join the casino and play games for real money (or just for fun)!

So Alice began to play Online Casino when she had followed the link. It was difficult for her to choose a game, because Casino Sol offers so many games, such as roulette, poker, and slot machine games. Alice finally chose video poker slots. Alice got excited when she saw how many coins were in the pot. She played the maximum bet and hit the spin button. Her card on the screen showed a drawing of an old man with a long beard. Then she had to choose from three cards, which one would bring her more money. "I hope I get Ace of spades", - thought Alice. In fact, it was much better for Alice than she hoped: Three Aces brought her 800 credits! "What a joy!" - Alice shouted, and began to carefully study each detail of this online casino Sol video slots game. Alice's eyes glowed with excitement when she looked at the video poker slots game screen. Her pleasure was doubled by the fact that this online casino Sol games offered her a bonus round! Alice inserted a coin into the slot, and the machine gave her three cards. She knew at once that these three cards would bring her much more money than 800 credits. Alice winced from joy as she got 2 777 credits for Three of a kind. Then this online casino Sol slots game brought her 6 000 credits!

Video Poker Slots allowed Alice to multiply her winning in just one minute. Thus she could go to another game or take it all home. "I have never seen anything like this before", - thought Alice happily, but decided not to leave. She wanted to play that amazing online casino Sol game again! After 5 minutes of full excitement, Alice decided that she had enough fun for the day. "I'm going to take my money home", - Alice says and looked for a button that allowed her to send it through an electronic wallet system. "Hm!" .. Alice thought, not finding what she was looking for: "I wonder how I can take all these coins with me". Suddenly, Alice remembered something her friend told her about online casinos: "You don't need to download them in order to use them. Just click on your browser's back button, and you'll get back here ". And so it happened. After two seconds, Alice got back to the casino Sol games screen.

So that Alice knows how simple it is to play online casino Sol free games from home, and she returns here and shows others how much fun virtual entertainment can bring. The only thing left for Alice to do is visit the site again! She receives a lot of fun from this online casino Sol games, and so does everyone else! This is how Alice was able to earn the money she needed to open her dream restaurant “LoveMyFood” in 2010!